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Default Grand Bahama Western End advice needed - correction

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 18:57:58 -0400, "Wilbur Hubbard"

"Gregory Hall" wrote in message
"Wilbur Hubbard" wrote in message

Fair Winds,
Wilbur Hubbard

Change "Western" to "Eastern" at the Barracuda Shoals entrance.

Doh! Thanks, Greg, for correcting my dyslexia. Poor Skippy would have
thought I was trying to pull his leg or something. But, then again, I'm not
so sure Skippy knows east from west. :-)

Wilbur Hubbard

Maybe some props would be useful to stay in the right character.
Use different computers and hang the gear on the actual computer so
there's less chance of mistake.
Always wear a "skipper" hat when playing Wilbur.
Switch to stocking mask when doing Greg.
You're not a young man any more.
Probably time to retire those names too.