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Default So the boat sank....

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 10:56:54 -0400, "Wilbur Hubbard"
wrote this crap:

If you know anything about old sailboats that have a diesel auxiliary they
all smell like diesel fuel and fumes anyway. To me, they all reek. That's
why I wouldn't have a smelly diesel power plant aboard my vessel. But,
owners seem to get used to the stench and don't even notice it themselves
after a while (or they just put up with it because they're dullards). But
the smell of diesel oil and exhaust pollution is responsible for much of the
seasickness that visitors often suffer.

MINE doesn't smell like diesel fluids. It smells like titties and
beer, and rum, and lipstick.

I should shut up now.

And vote for Palin-Ahhnold in 2012.

I'm Horvath and I approve of this post.