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Default So the boat sank....

On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 11:23:36 -0700, "Capt. JG"

"barret bonden" wrote in message
So the boat sank , and was raised , and now sits on the hard where I can
buy it for 1/40th of it's prior cost. Hull is fine, sails are good,
friends tell me they can save the engine and the whole cabin is covered in
fine teak; beautiful.

My girlfriend told me the cabin smelled horrid , and I ignored her till
yesterday when I brought an old sailor on board and he said : " It smells
horrid, it's oil and fuel, it's everywhere, and you'll never get it out of
the teak. Never. You'll have to strip it down to the fiberglass. Throw the
boat away."

Is there any way to get diesel fuel out of wood ? Any way to clean the
inside ?

If it were just a stain (I say "just" as though that would be something
simple), you might be able to use TSP, but if it's really soaked through, I
don't think there's much you can do. Perhaps talk to someone in a
boatyard... they might have an idea.

He posted this in some other groups. I recommended he look for a
company similar to the best known one in the U.S., ServPro. They are
used by insurance companies to get smells out of houses that have
burned, etc. They should be able to deodorize and clean the boat for