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Default Yeah, I know "plonk"

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009 05:36:32 -0500, "Aragorn"

"Bruce in Bangkok" wrote

I'm a conservative :-(

The more truly conservative you are, the more upset you should be over what
the Republican party became and what it did to the country.

As I have protested several times I moved out of the U.S. years ago
and have only a casual interest in politics but I do wonder about the
Republicans. Given Bush's obvious unpopularity with many Americans I
would have thought that they (the Republicans) would have spent
several years developing a candidate that *might* win.

It appeared to many foreigners as though they just ignored the whole
situation until they woke up one morning and "My God! The primary
starts today!"

But, maybe I've got it wrong. After all who had heard of Obama?


Bruce in Bangkok