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Default Yeah, I know "plonk"

On Sun, 1 Mar 2009 21:46:33 -0800, "Capt. JG"

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On Sun, 01 Mar 2009 11:30:13 -0700, slide

Stephen Trapani wrote:

So the fire is the massive deficit and spending of the Republicans who
have been out of power in Congress for years and the now quadrupling of
the deficit and spending, by the Democrats, is the water on the fire? Is
that how your analogy works?

PLEASE!!! Stop making sense. You will give the Believers a headache!!!!

Don't you know the MESSIAH now that He is here in our midst? You must
BELIEVE. No thinking allowed.

You Sir, are Wrong! You are allowed to think.... But it must be
"right thinking".


Bruce in Bangkok

That would be "left thinking" duhh... lol

I'm a conservative :-(


Bruce in Bangkok