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Default The Capt. RB Report

So....what's new with me???


Heart of Gold will be sailing her final season with us and be sold to
a friend. We're replacing her with a larger sailing vessel, but we
haven't come to a firm choice yet. For a while the Corbin 39 was a
front runner, but now we're less sure.

Heart of Gold had a good season and a happy finish getting a new floor
after her floorboards were damaged by water following a leak in the
shaft log. She also got a beautiful new genoa and is about to get
wireless instruments to replace the old stuff.

We got rid of the Kia Sedona because AWD is just a MUST here and
replaced it with a loaded Mitsubishi Outlander XLS with Navigation,
leather and rear DVD system. It's a nice little crossover and a nice
compliment to the Evo GSR, which shares the same electronic package.
The Sedona will be a tough act to follow. Nearly 70K and not a single
issue. We changed the brakes and oil and that was about it. We're
adding a 3rd car this summer...perhaps another old MG of some type.

BTW, my Evo ended up costing 45K after mods and tuning. It does 0-60
in 4.2 seconds and dusts nearly anything on a windy road. If you don't
have AWD don't even bother trying to take me off the line. And with
the dedicated snows it's like a jeep when it needs to be. What a
amazing machine!

Thomas turned 4 in September and is a happy and active kid. Suzanne is
as lovely as ever and we're anxious to get the new sailing season

We have no idea if Obama will be a good president, but as good
Americans we're supporting him NOW, just as we supported Bush before
he exposed himself as a fake republican. Hopefully Obama can do some
good after Bush proved to be the worst leader of this country EVER.

Oh...and a second sizable inheritance floated my way. It's poor taste
to mention such things, but it's too funny too NOT mention it when it
upsets some of the drivel-brains here. Life is good and we're a lucky
family, especially in these Bush damaged times.

I hope the better members of ASA are all healthy and happy....and
happy 2009 to all.

Capt. RB
Heart of Gold
City Island, NY