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Default 3.0 mercruiser issue

"jbird" wrote in message
Recently having problems with my 1990 3.0 mercruiser. when starting
out on the boat it will idle fine but when you give it full throttle
it will run fine for a minute then just start missing and eventually
will start to bog out and then finally die out. After dying out I also
have trouble restarting and ususally end up flooding the engine. Has
new cap/plugs/wires and just put on a new fuel water
seperator/filter.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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Typically that's an indication that it is not getting enough fuel. It uses
up the fuel in the bowl and then dies. Did you have a lot of water in the
water filter? Mechnical fuel pumps fail after a while due to water
exposure. Most of them can be disassembled to check. Junk in the tank
could be cloggin up the pick up as well. Or a collapsed fule line
somewhere, the marine line does this without much external signs because it
is double walled. But I'd check the fuel pump first.