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Default A general question

On Sep 3, 1:36*pm, wrote:
On Sep 3, 1:33 pm, John H wrote:

On Wed, 3 Sep 2008 10:03:36 -0700 (PDT), wrote:
This issue has arisen before but I dropped it.

A friend of mine sends political e-mails to a list of about 30
people. *I rarely reply. *However, lately some of them have been very
sleazy to my way of thinking so I have decided to "Reply All". *He
does not want me to "reply all" but to just send replies to him. *The
sleaziness of the latest e-mails has made me decide that "reply All"
is appropriate. *He has decided to take me off the list which I think
is his right. *However, he has the right but what would you think of
this person? *I believe he is not taking responsibility for what he
says and I think he is behaving in a cowardly manner although I have
not said so.
To my way of thinking, his political posts which are kinda leftish are
similar to the person who privately to his friends uses the N word and
acts racist but acts politically correct in public. *He is a local
attorney and official in the local Dem party as are some people on his
e-mail list. *I believe he is afraid that my replies may cause
political problems for him. *I hate to lose a friend over politics
but ..........
What do you think?

Screw him. If he can't let a reply be seen by all, then he shouldn't be
sending the emails to all.

Give him Harry's address ). That'll add some
back-patting to his leftist crap.

I really do not want to be taken off his list because much of what he
sends is humorous and even most political stuff is ok even though I
disagree. *Quite frankly I simply do not understand his attitude in
not wanting any response unless he is afraid of the consequences of my
responses.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

The far left are mostly embarassed by their lies, they get pretty vial
when you call them out. I would forward his bs to the local paper...