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Default Is Bush aware oil hits $103.95?

On Mar 3, 9:36*pm, HK wrote:
BAR wrote:
HK wrote:
JimH wrote:
"HK" wrote in message

Psssttttt......Bush is not running for POTUS.

Instead of attacks, offer plans and solutions.

I dare you.

I double dare you.

I triple dog dare you!

Ahh, but Bushis running. John McCain is Bush, running on Bush programs
and Bush policies.

As I said, I have no interest in "converts" from

Then please leave us alone.

Not to worry; I'm just here to watch you righties wallow in your misery.
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Finally heard why folks are voting for Obama. "He stands for change,
he's different, he stands for hope, and he seems presidential"...
That was from the kids in the audience 19-21 yo.. Two others said if
it's not Billary, they will vote for McCain, both had kids in the
service. Still, not one could name any experience Obama had, and this
was a group of 25 democratic voters. I just amazes me how seemingly
intelligent folks will fall in just to "fit in"...