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Default Way OT, but a "cold war" question. who were the "Pinkos?"

Robert Allison wrote:
Tim wrote:

My daughter asked me this last night and I realy didn't know how to
answer her.

since the Russian Revoloution in 1917, and the overthrow of the Czar,
the US refered to the C.C.C.P. an the "Reds".

OK, where did the "Pinko" term come into effect?

Was it the eventual Eastern Bloc nations? or say , Castro's Cuba?

I'm curious, who were the "Pinko's?

Communist sympathizers.

It was a term used to describe anyone that was sympathetic to the
communist or socialist cause, but wasn't actually a card carrying
member of the communist party. Sort of a communist light term.

It originally came from the term "parlor pinks" which was used
back in the 20s and 30s to refer to the same sympathizers. Pink
being a diluted version of red.

Robert Allison
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Georgetown, TX

Robert, you answered a question that I should have also posted. the
sympathaizers living in a free society with communistic views.

"parlor pinks" I've never heard that phrase before.