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Default SEA 112 radio advice / manual / schematic needed

patrick jankowiak wrote in news:Q4Nvj.7445$Ru4.5658

I've read at least one case of a mariner throwing one
away, so they must not be too valuable..)

That's pretty good good as any you'll get here.

Be informed marine radios can ONLY be repaired by holders of the FCC's
appropriate technician's license, not just any old boy on the dock.

Radio Maintenance and Repair

You need a commercial radio operator license to repair and maintain the

* All ship radio and radar stations.

* All coast stations.

* All hand carried units used to communicate with ships and coast
stations on marine frequencies.

* All aircraft stations and aeronautical ground stations including
hand-carried portable units) used to communicate with aircraft.

* International fixed public radiotelephone and radiotelegraph

You do NOT need a commercial radio operator license to operate, repair,
or maintain any of the following types of stations:

* Two-way land mobile radio equipment, such as that used by police
and fire departments, taxicabs and truckers, businesses and industries,
ambulances and rescue squads, local, state, and federal government

* Personal radio equipment used in the Citizens Band, Radio Control,
and General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS).

* Auxiliary broadcast stations, such as remote pickup stations.

* Domestic public fixed and mobile radio systems, such as mobile
telephone systems, cellular systems, rural radio systems, point-to-point
microwave systems, multipoint distribution systems, etc.

* Stations that operate in the Cable Television Relay Service.

* Satellite stations, both uplink and downlink of all types.

NOTE: Possession of a commercial radio operator license or permit does
not authorize an individual to operate amateur or GMRS radio stations.
Only a person holding an amateur or GMRS radio operator license may
operate an amateur or GMRS radio station.

................just for information, of course.....Pay no attention.....