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Default Isolation transformers

"Glenn Ashmore" wrote in

At 12 pounds and half the size of the Charles it looks good but at
$1500 it is a bit out of my price range. The other thing that I
wonder about is the specs say the output voltage is within 5% of the
input voltage which means there is no protection against low voltage.
Even a regular switching power supply supplies a stable voltage. A
stable voltage is about the only reason beyond weight and size I can
think of for paying that much.

I was thinking about this thread during changing the oil in my trusty Honda
EU3000is electronic genset before dark.....

Wouldn't it be cool if someone were to build a diesel genset of the
technology of the electronic switching gensets like mine? When the boat is
off on its own, the slow-speed, economizing diesel's high voltage, high
frequency flywheel coils would power its precise 60 Hz, synthesized
switching AC power supply to drive the boat loads, as the diesel lumbers
along, not at 1800 or 3600 RPM, but a much slower speed only to provide the
electronics the DC to drive its output loads. When the boat is at the
dock, whatever AC voltage is available, anyplace on the planet, would be
rectified into DC and fed to the same ISOLATED electronic power supply that
would always provide an independent, isolated from shore grounds, AC power
voltage/frequency of your choice to drive you loads without fizzing your

The technology to build the 6500 watt model already exists: