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Default GPS antenna location

Why do people persist in putting their GPS antenna on the stern rail. Is it
not one of your most important instruments? Do you want it to be yanked off
by some clumsy git climbing aboard from a dinghy or clipped off by a
shoreline? I have always mounted mine on the stern but directly on the deck
where it out of everyone's way. It also gets a perfect view of the sky
without the pendulum movement of a mast mounting. This is on my third boat
and I have never had one damaged. How many people keep a spare GPS aerial
for these eventualities?

"Alec" wrote in message
Always best to get the GPS antenna some distance from the radar and out of
the direct beam of the radar.

I agree that low down is generally ok. Mine is inside the fibreglass
flybridge with no apparent ill effects!


"Rob" wrote in message
I have been getting conflicting advice about relative position in
regard to my radar dome. Both will be mounted on my mast about 12 to
24 inches apart. I have a choice of having the GPS right below the
bottom of the dome or I could put an extension and have it extend a
few inches above the dome. Any advice?