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Default Back to the drawing board?

Shaun Van Poecke wrote:

Very nice!

When i see someone put this sort of time and effort into getting the details
just right, it makes me feel a little embarassed about the slap-dash way I
approach my own jobs.... While at work only the best will do, when it comes
to things for myself I generally cut corners and end up with a product every
bit as functional as one you can buy (and usually more so), it leaves a lot
to be desired in terms of form ;-)

Did you also do the 3D modelling yourself?



That sketch took about an hour Shaun.

I use Design CAD (version 2000 and 3D max 17)

I did it because it was too cold to go outside and play and I was bored...

The woodwork came out ok. It's presentable and doesn't suck too bad.

And it works as far as stotage goes. Makes things a lot neater and
more organized. You can find what you want - if you remember where they
were stored. Which isn't that hard.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results.

It's the steel work that is frustrating right now.

I'm trying to make the parts needed to hang a square course and topsail
on the thing. But we have to raise, set, and furl them from deck level.
No way to send a crew up the mast.

So some of the stuff is kinds intricate for hand made stainless steel.
(at least for this novice blacksmith)

Well, it keeps me off the street and outta trouble most of the time...
And that's good enough for now.


"cavelamb himself" wrote in message

Sketch for the new interior arrangement for my boat.
New lockers to starboard!