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"Harry Krause" wrote in message
Don White wrote:
I wonder if the fine citizens of 'Key West' or 'South Beach' know

Dr. No and his phobias?

Why do you think he's scared ****less of publishing any identifying

I treat every person who's in my dental chair with respect and
professionalism...even the guy who walked in wearing a Kerry/Edwards pin the
other day. ;-) I said nothing to him about his pin...and he said nothing
to me about my "signed" letter from Bush sitting on the front counter.

I even have several homosexual patients who come in for cleanings at the
same time as their "significant other". They, too, are treated with respect
and professionalism...enough so, that they've referred other same-sex
"couples". One of the guys lives with his partner in the most exclusive
(ie--expensive) part of Naples. They tried to join the beach club as a
couple, and my patient was admitted, but his partner was refused membership
rights that are only granted to spouses.

Naples has its fair share of homosexuals because it's a low-crime area.
Homosexuals can live here safely because the people are educated and hate crimes are non-existent. The gays don't flaunt their
homosexuality like they do in restrooms in South Beach, and the rest of
Naples leaves them alone. That's the way it should be.

We even had a Gay/Lesbian (Pride?) group of about a dozen people walking in
the Fourth of July parade. They walked right alongside Planned Parenthood
and the Democratic party's float.