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Gould 0738
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Default Disappointment

Bull****. If he's effeminate, then that's Mother Nature. If he ends up
liking other men, then that's a lifestyle *choice*.

Do you remember the day you "chose" between straight and gay?

Gays don't chose to be gay, any more than the rest of choose to be hetero.

Yup. Those in the relationship are less likely to spread diseases. But if
you raise kids in a gay household, I'd venture to say that it's more likely
the kids will be gay.

Not according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I'd venture to say there are no statistics, at all, to back up your wild
Kids who grow up in a gay household are more likely to understand and respect
the gay lifestyle, but no hetero guy is going to
suppress his natural desire for women and force himself to have sex with men
simply because he had two dads at home.

It's not a "choice" for straights. It's not a "choice" for gays.

The only choice a gay person has is to be gay or to repress his or her
sexuality entirely. For those who believe that these people are an evil threat
to the fabric of society, I suppose that is what you would prefer they do. If
they're not going to have sex like you do, then they shouldn't be allowed to
have sex at all. Right?