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Default NMEA stops and starts at random (garmin GPS 12)

Geert Maene wrote:
I have a garmin gps 12 that is connected to a raymarine interface and
then to a com port on the PC. Last year everything worked perfect.
This year the green LED in the interface (NMEA-led) stops and start
when he wants.
I cleaned all contacts, checked all the wires, stopped the PC and the
DSC radio, but nothing helps.
I called a technician. He said something about the minus (-) is
connected to the ??? in the pc. I needed a special device to solve

Has anybody more info about that error??

Geert Maene

Data-in from the GPS12 goes to pin 2 at the RS232 plug, data-out from the PC
goes through pin 3 on the RS232 plug to data-in on the GPS12. Pin 5 on the
RS232 should go to a ground (-ve) lead.

Years ago, it was also desirable to connect pin 4 to pin 6, and pin 7 to pin
8 within the 9-pin plug, but these were in the days of modem handshaking and
MSDOS, and it is no longer necessary.

Looking at the plug end on, Pin 1 is the topmost rightmost pin, so when you
are soldering from the back, pin 2 becomes the second from the left, 3 is
third from left, and 5 is the righmost pin, all in the top row (widest row).

You can get the 4-pin Garmin wiring from the Garmin website, as this can
also carry power to the Garmin instrument from a 12-volt source. It is
doubtful whether the Garmin 4-pin plug has been wired incorrectly unless
some person has re-wired it.