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Default Garmin/PC interface?

On Jun 28, 8:03 pm, Richard Lane wrote:
Akka wrote:
We're thinking of buying a new Garmin GPS. We don't need a plotter
because we use our laptop with C-MAP for that. The only way we can
find to buy a Garmin GPS without also paying for the built-in plotter
is to get a 152. When we looked at the Users' Manual for the 152, we
found the NMEA output port (listed as being for an autopilot, but will
work fine with the PC) and two input ports. Problem is, they're noted
as being for a 'Beacon Receiver' and a 'Device with Sonar Output'.
Can we use those lines to upload waypoints from the PC? If so, how?

I believe most Garmin GPS use the same data in, data out and common for
NMEA output to your pc etc and for GARMIN/GARMIN proprietary format when
up or downloading way points or routes. Use the INTERFACE mode to select.

OK, just so I understand: if I want to upload waypoints from the PC, I
just send them on the same serial interface on the computer (COM5 or
whatever) that I'm using to download the nav data from the GPS, using
one of the Garmin GPS input ports? I'm a little confused by your
reference to GARMIN/GARMIN proprietary format for loading waypoints,
as I don't have a Garmin chartplotter, just an ordinary HP laptop.