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Default Video footage - USCG assists capsized catamaran in Gulf of Mexico

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:57:51 -0400, Jeff wrote:

You're the one ignoring the reality: the other "disaster" thread here
concerns a monohull that sank without a trace because it got too close
to a ferry. And then there was Jim Gray disappearing in his C&C. And
a few weeks ago a man went missing from his boat in LIS. All of these
were within a few miles of shore. Yes, there is a tiny chance that a
freak squall would hit while I'm carrying full sail and I'm down below
making coffee. (Doubtful, since I don't actually leave the helm for
more than a few seconds.) But there are other higher risks that
plague monohulls.

The facts of this incident aren't in yet. It's possible the boat
didn't get hit by a gust, but plowed into a wave and flipped.
If so, that puts a different light on it.
The boat was a 1996 FOUNTAINE PAJOT, 35'
I don't know the designed stability of the boat or the load and
weather circumstance of the incident.
Until the capt'n reveals what happened, it's a bit early to say the
boat capsized.
This site is interesting for those seeking info on catamarans.


ps. If Wilbur is right I might switch my boat-buying plans from
the Gemini 105 to the Mac 26M.