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Default Video footage - USCG assists capsized catamaran in Gulf of Mexico

In article .com,
On Apr 15, 8:10 pm, sherwindu wrote:
I'm not happy about people getting into trouble, but it does seem like
for all the opposition I got when I originally brought up this subject months

I don't recall that thread. Was it here in RBC? Were people arguing
that multihulls don't or can't capsize? I have extensive offshore
experience in my catamaran and in many monohulls and am reasonably
well tuned into the multihull cruising community and I think that
multihulls can be excellent and relatively safe offshore boats.
However, there is no doubt that they can be flipped and are not self-

I'm sure it'll continue the squabbling, but you're right. They don't
self-right. They're actually more stable flipped, but they also are,
in my view, much safer over all, since you'll be less fatigued if you
have to deal with unfavorable conditions, and that will prevent
stupid-user accidents. These sort are what typically gets people in

I've sailed both in- and off-shore, and I own a mono, but I'd rather
have a cruising cat for distance trips. Monos are great fun and a joy
to sail, but I don't living on a heel.

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