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Default Video footage - USCG assists capsized catamaran in Gulf of Mexico

* Wilbur Hubbard wrote, On 4/16/2007 10:35 AM:

"Jeff" wrote in message

I have to admit I've been one of the deniers, and the recent spate of
capsizes has been distressing. But I'm not sure why you have the
smiley - are you happy whenever there is a catamaran accident? Should
I use a smiley whenever a monohull goes to the bottom?

This is one of the very few I've heard of that was a real cruising cat
be cruised, not a racer or a delivery incident. At 35 feet its a bit
small, but since it had twin diesels it wasn't a lightweight. I'll be
curious to hear the story - My guess is that this was not a major
storm, but a case of carrying full sail when a strong squall hit.

I've been telling you for years about how unstable and dangerous cats
are for ocean cruising by you refuse to get your head out of your ass
and listen to me. You have this ignorant pre-concieved notion that
multis are safe and they are not. One hears capsize after capsize if one
listens. You don't listen because you don't want to hear.

Actually I've rather obsessively searched for catamaran capsizes for
many years. There have been some, but very few. As I've posted a
number of times, there have been almost none that are cruising boats
over 35 feet, actually being cruised, not delivered. In point of
fact, none of the recent incidents fit these criteria.

You don't want
to believe you have made a stupid choice of boats.

That's a ridiculous statement, given that I rarely am more then a few
hours away from safe refuge. I've never made any claim that my boat
is suitable for an North Atlantic crossing, although sisterships have
done it.

You don't want to
believe you put yourself and your whole family in danger by your
ignorant choice. Here I am tryint to save your live and the lives of
your loved ones and your persist in your stupid head in the sand stance.

Pretty pathetic, Neal. You're just showing your ignorance. You've
never actually pointed out a capsize in conditions remotely resembling
those that I take my family out in.

You're the one ignoring the reality: the other "disaster" thread here
concerns a monohull that sank without a trace because it got too close
to a ferry. And then there was Jim Gray disappearing in his C&C. And
a few weeks ago a man went missing from his boat in LIS. All of these
were within a few miles of shore. Yes, there is a tiny chance that a
freak squall would hit while I'm carrying full sail and I'm down below
making coffee. (Doubtful, since I don't actually leave the helm for
more than a few seconds.) But there are other higher risks that
plague monohulls.