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Default NMEA:Garmin to Furuno

Thanks, I'll try it this weekend.

"Meindert Sprang" wrote in message
"William Andersen" wrote in message
I guess I'll have to wait for Garmin...
Neither manual uses the term port.
Garmin has two Outs, so if one doesn't work, I can try the other.
Furuno doesn't have an RD-H or RD-l .

Garmin Out COM 1 TX to Furuno RD1-H
Garmin Gnd/Common to Furuno RD1-C.


"Peter Bennett" wrote in message
On Thu, 18 Jan 2007 09:59:22 -0800, "William Andersen"

Anybody know how to connect a Garmin 198C to a Furuno 1622?
I have the manuals from both but they don't use the same terminology.
Garmin uses NMEA Out COM 1 Tx, NMEA In COM 1 Rx, COM 2 TX, COM 2 Rx
Furuno uses RD1-H, RD1-C, RD2-H, RD2-C, and refers to Navigator wires
TX-H, TX-C, and Sounder wires as TX-H, TX-C.
I emailed Garmin (they've been prompt before) but haven't had an answer

A Garmin "Out" should connect to a Furuno "RD-H", and the "RD-L"
should be grounded.

You will have to consult the manuals for both products to determine
whether to use port 1 or 2 on each unit.

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