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Default Another Neal/Ellen conspiracy theory... :-)

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:19:55 -0700, "Ted Bell"

"Thom Stewart" wrote in message

Do you think Neal may be a transvestite? I guess it could be. Nah! He is
probably only an isolated old man looking for attention. A
He/She????Maybe? I guess we'll never know? It is possible, I guess?
Would explain a lot of he's actions. Nah, not our Crapton.

He thinks of under age little girls as a man, I think?

He did have a lot of questions about Lorrie Thomas when he/she visited
me with a Boy Friend. Mostly about "The Operation?" Nah, he's just a
goofy old man. He is into this make believe internet business maybe a
little to much.

I'll keep it in Mind when I deal with him on the "net in the future

Capt Neal is in California with his Airstream trailer. He stopped by my
restaurant last week and had a big steak with a potato wrapped in tin foil.
Then we went to a Lakers game and sailing aboard my sailboat with some
Laker's cheerleaders.

Is his arse better?