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Default 8.1L Crusader Fuel Consumption

Larry wrote:
xorbit wrote in :

he's definitely a sceptic

No he isn't. He's a first class ass. That's what people pay him for.
More surveyors should be like him. If he says it's crap, it's really crap.

I love diesels, have 3 of 4 diesel vehicles, running on used french fry
oil. But, I must admit once you factor in how little use a boat really
gets for 99% of their owners, he's right about going cheaper gas. The dock
condos hardly need an engine that runs at all, just sitting there like most

One point not looked into is the resale value of a diesel vs a gas
powered boat. The diesel is always going to have a better resale.

Some points that are hard to quantify are when you have diesel power,
the knowledge that it's much more reliable, your just not going to have
as many problems, if you maintain them and don't abuse them. The boat
will be much more enjoyable with diesels, you've got more power
available when, or if, you want it. You can take a boat load of friends
on board and it's not going to suddenly slow way down, or not get up on
plane. You won't like it when the same boat with diesels fly's on past
you. And it's going to be less painful when it comes time to fill the
fuel tanks.

It's hard to put a price on peace of mind. And I know the price
differance is a lot. But if you could have afforded the diesels, and
you didn't go for them, you'll find that you will regret not getting
them. You'll almost never find someone that has owned a diesel powered
boat (that could afford it) purchases a gas powered boat after that
unless the boat is much smaller.