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Default 8.1L Crusader Fuel Consumption

Larry wrote:
xorbit wrote in :

"We recently surveyed a yacht with a pair of 8V71N (naturally aspirated)
Detroit Diesels rated at 325 hp that hadn't been overhauled since new 1981.
Now, an 8V71 has a 568 cubic inch displacement; the fact that these engines
have a 0.56:1 power/displacement ratio explains why they could run so

There's the engines he's looking for....(c;

I wonder what Pascoe's survey was on that boat, vs the same boat in the
same condition with two way-past-worn-out gas engines that had been changed
3 or 4 times in those 25 years would have been, given his anti-diesel
slant? Obviously, once past the initial cost of two 8V71s, engine costs
have been quite reasonable in 25 years of faithful service.

Big ol' heavy 2-stroke DDs (71s or 92s) with no turbochargers to catch
fire. That's always a winning combination.

Change the oil. Let's go to the Med.

I went through every article on Pascoe's site. Very informative. But
he's definitely a sceptic and the site is focused on fiberglass boats
without consderation for steel or other hull materials. Also, pretty
much regardless of what he's discussing, the glass is usually
half-empty. He certainly wants to make sure potential buyers know what
they're getting into.

In the context of this thread, Pascoe states that gas engines are not
appropriate for boats greater in length than the mid-30 foot range.

Those big two-stroke diesels are really something. Real power. (three
Tim Allen grunts here.)