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Default 8.1L Crusader Fuel Consumption

xorbit wrote in :

"We recently surveyed a yacht with a pair of 8V71N (naturally aspirated)
Detroit Diesels rated at 325 hp that hadn't been overhauled since new 1981.
Now, an 8V71 has a 568 cubic inch displacement; the fact that these engines
have a 0.56:1 power/displacement ratio explains why they could run so

There's the engines he's looking for....(c;

I wonder what Pascoe's survey was on that boat, vs the same boat in the
same condition with two way-past-worn-out gas engines that had been changed
3 or 4 times in those 25 years would have been, given his anti-diesel
slant? Obviously, once past the initial cost of two 8V71s, engine costs
have been quite reasonable in 25 years of faithful service.

Big ol' heavy 2-stroke DDs (71s or 92s) with no turbochargers to catch
fire. That's always a winning combination.

Change the oil. Let's go to the Med.