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Jack Goff
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Default Harry reveals his true colors!

In a current thread titled "( OT ) Where have you gone, Rosy Scenario?"

NOYB noted...

"Harry Krause" wrote:
I am no fan of contemporary or recent Arab/Moslem culture or history,
but there have been some significant contributors to the advancement of
our society.

You sure seem to have backed off your position from 2 years ago. Here's
what you had to say in April 2002:

"The reality is that for at least the last 100 years, the so-called Arab
states have contributed absolutely nothing to the furthering of society in
any field of endeavor and the only reason anyone tolerates their anti-social
behavior is because they happen to be sitting on oil. If it weren't for
their oil, no one would pay them the slightest attention.
Their contributions to the fields of medicine, other sciences, the arts,
socialization, you name it and there is nothing there. Oh...I
forgot...they're adept at cowardice, at furthering the methodology of
terrorism and waging war on non-combatants."

So as this shows, Harry changes his stance on issues at least as often as Kerry. It is in the record that he does.

Basically, Harry talks out of his ass, much as one of his Hollywood idols Jim Carrey does.

Harry eliminates any credibility he may have had with his blind, sheep-like allegiance to anything anti-conservative. A poor talent wasted (spewed) on a boating news-group. Too funny, but sad.