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Calif Bill
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Default Question on replacing a horn

Just swap the meter leads, not the wires on the horn.

"Ree-Yees" wrote in message
When I reversed the leads it didnt move at all. I'll try it again

to make sure that it was connected good.

"Calif Bill" wrote in message

"Ree-Yees" wrote in message
.. .
Pretty soon Ill rename my boat to "Sinking Devil"!

My horn has never worked. So tonight I took off the horn and hooked

voltmeter and put it on DC 10 (mine doesnt have a 12). I hit the horn
button and the meter went from zero to down below zero. It did this

time I hit the horn and if i held it in it would stay down below zero.

Is this normal? I tried swapping the wires and then it did nothing.

I also tried hooking the horn straight up to a battery and it did


If that voltmeter reading is correct then I'll buy a new horn for the
"Sinking Titanic" tomorrow.

Thanks fellas,

You have the meter leads reversed to cause the meter to go below zero.
Horns go bad. I am on #2 in 12 years.