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Default Heavy anchor for canoe?

Cyli wrote:
On 14 Nov 2006 08:38:55 -0800, "donquijote1954"

Don Freeman wrote:
After you turn it upright and climb in, you can splash out a lot of the
water with your paddle and paddle that boat into shore (you can still
paddle a swamped boat). No need to leave it.

Do canoeists not bring bilge pumps out with them?

True. But will it work when the canoe is fully flooded and perhaps more
waves are splashing on it?

No. I'd be bailing with one of my gallon water bottles that I carry
empty for possible ballast and would generally had a cut down one
around. If it hadn't floated off, when I'd have to cut down one of the
ones I kept tied. Gallon bailing would be way faster than my foot
pump. I'd then be paddling, unless the wind was against, in which
case those ballast bottles would become a drift anchor right away.

You mean to scoop water out? But didn't get the last part about ballast

I guess I got to try to technique too when I
get the pump.

Before I had a sit on top only so I must get acquainted with sit ins.

Start slowly?

Yep. I just love it for different conditions than SOTs. Plenty of
storage, super comfortable (having back support) and stylish. Only when
mildly windy though.

It's the Mad River Canoe Adventure 14. It even has a lip to put a skirt
around but the size is humongous, and haven't found one so far.
However, I haven't contacted the manufacturer. If I should bother to
get one.