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Default Comments wanted on Oldtown Pack solo canoe

"Joe" wrote in message . ..
"basskisser" wrote in message
H Hornblower wrote in message

. ..
12' royalex 33lb. solo canoe....I'm thinking of a purchase and would
appreciate comments from those familiar with this or other short,
light solo or double ender canoes.

Twelve foot is minimal in my opinion, but, you can't beat an Old Town
canoe. They are VERY well designed.

Mr. Hornblower, while the canoe you're considering may very well be an
excellent choice, please do yourself a favor and not take any advise from
Kevin (aka basskisser).

He is relatively new boater who suffers from FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome),
grows and smokes pot, is a pathological liar, and has only owned one vessel,
a clapped-out 30 year old bassboat that he tows with an equally clapped-out
old Jeep.

Good luck with your search.

Oh, man!! This advice from the biggest liar on usenet!! Here's a
little test, JoeTechnician, can you prove ANY of the following things
that YOU have stated?

Please show any proof that I "suffer from FAS". Where is your proof of
Please show ANY proof that I "grow pot". Can you?
Please show ANY proof that I "smoke pot". Can you?
Please show ANY proof that I "only owned one vessel".
Please show ANY proof that my Jeep is "clapped out". Can you?
Please show your proof that you are "an engineer licensed in Georgia"
Can you?
Please show your proof that you received the above license to practice
engineering in the State of Georgia through "reciprocity". Can you?

I'll be awaiting proof of the above statements, ALL made by you,
JoeTechnician, the biggest liar in usenet.