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Default Waterproofing Aluminum Riveted Boats

Think if you called a local paint store they'd be able to hook you up. I
mentioned coal tar epoxy as it's the cheapest way to go with epoxy, but I
used Sherwin Williams "Marine Industrial Coating" epoxy for barrier coat on
my big FG boat and it's done a great job for less than half the cost of
anything sold at the boat stuff store.
If you're just doing seams, check out 3M 5200. Not sure about using on
aluminium, but if you use it on a plastic boat it's a real job getting it
back off. It's a polysulfide sealant and a heck of an adhesive.

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MMC..thanks for your advise.
I looked up this product on the net and it seems like if I do use this
I would be applying this along the seams where the rivets are inside
the boat.
Not sure where I can pick up this product and how much would be
required for a 14ft boat.


MMC wrote:
I would think a good, thick paint on the outside of the hull would work
better than what you propose. Coal tar epoxy would seal it up real well
not cost an arm and a leg.
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I recently inherited a 14 foot aluminum riveted boat from a family
This boat is in decent shape and I was advised there are no current
leaks with this boat.
I am planning to fix this boat up a bit by putting in floor
boards/carpeting and a few swivel seats.

My question is, is there something I can spray or apply to the bottom
of the boat (inside) that will make it waterproof?
I watched a show on the channel World Fishing Network where a couple of
hosts sprayed something and made the boat waterproof. I just cant
remember what it is.

I am trying to avoid having to use putty or something to make bandage
solutions to any leaks.

This is my first boat so any help is much much appreciated.