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Default Anyone care to guess ?

I've not tried it in situ as to date I've not been out and about on a dark
enough night away from the city lights but I suspect you are correct. With
no other light in the cockpit it may indeed be sufficient to read any unlit
instruments, compass or chart.

ps - to everyone else who threw in their twopennyth worth , thank you.

"Pete Verdon" d wrote in
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tdw wrote:

It is - a circular housing (approx 50mm diameter) in which is a tiny
light globe (I can't read the wattage but by the look of it no more than
one watt) which is connected to a three - four metre long cable with a
two pin plug (for a 12v outlet) on the end. The housing itself is then
enclosed by a removeable piece of red glass. I suppose it could be
intended for use as a cockpit light that won't harm night vision but the
output seems far too low for it be effective although the length of cable
is about right to cover the distance from power outlets at the nav
station to the instrument binnacle in the cockpit.

Sounds like a cockpit light that won't harm night vision to me. Have you
actually tried it at night to see how much light it emits? If you're using
your night vision then it's not going to have to produce very much light
to be useful. Even if it doesn't flood the cockpit with red light, it
could probably illuminate a chart held next to it, and that might be all
you need.