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Default Anyone care to guess ?

Recently purchased a 20 year old steel sloop. With it came a bunch of stuff
that the previous (second) owner had never used, indeed was blissfully
unaware of the intended purpose for most of it. As the months have gone by
I've managed to identify virtually everything but one item remains
It is - a circular housing (approx 50mm diameter) in which is a tiny light
globe (I can't read the wattage but by the look of it no more than one watt)
which is connected to a three - four metre long cable with a two pin plug
(for a 12v outlet) on the end. The housing itself is then enclosed by a
removeable piece of red glass. I suppose it could be intended for use as a
cockpit light that won't harm night vision but the output seems far too low
for it be effective although the length of cable is about right to cover the
distance from power outlets at the nav station to the instrument binnacle in
the cockpit.
Soooooo....what we have is a red light of impossibly small output ,
presumably meant for cockpit use given the length of cable and with no
discernable reason for existence.
Any thoughts ?
Anyone ?
I live in hope