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Default Isolation Transformer and DC corrosion

Russell wrote:
Since my post a few days ago, spoke to our marine electrician and the
on-staff electrical expert retained by the Harbor office. We are going
to have to install an isolation transformer in our dock box. This will
cost about $1,000 after parts, labor and some mods to the box. All 90
boats in our harbor that got the notices have to do this, move, or
unplug or disconnect the AC ground from the DC, not a good option.
So, now I see the West Advisor says that apparently solves the marina's
issue with the AC, but unless we separate all the underwater stuff,
like the through hulls, we still are subject to DC corrosion. Can this
be true? What is the real solution to the AC, the DC, the safety and
the corrosion problem? Is there one? We are one of 90 modest boats from
about 28-48 feet, mostly 1970's through 1990's vintage. We all have to
get these transformers now, but the issue is what else do we need to do
once we are on the transformer?

You should also be able to install an isolator on your boat, if it does
not already have one, and be in compliance of isolating the ground to

If an isolator will not function properly in the marina then there is a
problem with the marinas wiring, which sounds highly suspect to start

Ask for the details of how the hired electrician has determined that
your boat is causing problems and let us know what he says. What kind
of measurements did he do?