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Default Charcoal Cooking

Rosalie is correct not too many marina are allowing the use of propane or
solid fuel BBQ .

As an addendum to my last post I am adding the following:
My reply was solely indented for the disposal of use charcoal.
I myself have stop using BBQ on my sailboat for safety reason.
Some insurance companies are not tolerating use of BBQ on board boats of any
Many power boat are carrying close to 200 gallons of gasoline on board. All
is needed is something to cause a flash point in the presence of volatile
chemicals and an entire marina or anchorage can be wiped out.

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Not recommend, but I have seen many boaters dumping the charcoal over
board. (premium whiskey are filtered through charcoal) Without air
charcoal will stop burning. At one time, I had a grill with an air tight
cover. Once I was finish I use to close the air thigh lid and save the
charcoal for the next time. It work fine for me and I carried much less
charcoal. With this air tight lid you have to have a visual watch until
its cool and no hot hash is dropping on flammable substances. With
propane you have to make sure that it does not leak or you will not live
to tell about it.

Check West Marine Magma Charcoal BBQ
Marine KettleŽ Charcoal Grills
With this type you can close the lid and the charcoal will stop
burning and your can re- use the charcoal the next time.

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. ..
I am about to put a charcoal grill on my party barge. Any tips on what to
do with the charcoal after grilling? I do not want to leave them in the
grill while moving.


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