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Default Uniden `Santana' VHF-Marine Question

Pierre Aubineau wrote in

Unfortunately, the original battery was very weak and the replacement
was more expansive than a brand new VHF radio. Thus, I don't use it

Here in the States, we have these battery places that will refill your
bad rechargeable battery pack:

There's a franchise store not too far from me....(c;

You take your dead battery pack to them and they take it apart, if that's
possible, and replace the dead cells with new, much more powerful, cells
for about half the price of an OEM replacement with the same low-powered
cheap NiCds that failed.

I have an old Standard walkie talkie someone gave me I dearly love. Its
battery pack was 500 maH, NiCd with all the memory problems of NiCd packs
of old, probably like yours. Batteries Plus replaced the AA-sized cells
with industrial 2500 maH Nickel-Metal Hydride cells I think will crank a
Hatteras, right in the original battery pack case. They have the spot
welding equipment and resealing equipment necessary to perform these
operations. The rebuilt pack is still the scratched up plastic case it
always was, but fits and operates fine. The only difference is, now,
instead of it running dead in 4 hours, it runs dead in 3 days of
continuous use. You can't buy battery packs for walkies as good as

The rebuild cost me $US42.

It takes the original charger nearly 2 days to recharge them, of
course...(c; It's charging current is made for the old cells, of course.
That's fine as it has plenty of recharge time between weekends...

France must have some kind of similar battery stores for all the
cellphones, walkie talkies and other portable gadgets everyone has. If
not, we can open a Batteries Plus next door to McDonalds!