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Bill Kearney
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Default AIS ship data: everibody have seen this? - why do we use GPS to track buoys??

I'm quite familiar with PKI and the insecurities associated with it.

No. You are not. If you were then you would have mentioned it in your

response. Nice try at pretending you are smart but sorry, no cigar.

Ted, you're grasping at straws. It's apparent you've got some sort of ego
trip you're trying to sustain. It's pathetic, you should seek help managing
this anti-social behavior.

From your ill considered and uneducated outbursts in this thread that have
nothing to do with the point being made which was that GPS never has
required buoys and never will.

Uh, you seem desperate to try and attach that thinking to me and I've never
espoused it.

Belt and suspenders. Lots of tubby old geezers wear them both. You can
continue to lecture the whole group about how you think that maps and
compasses and buoys are required or the maritime industry will come to

sort of horrible destruction but I am personally getting bored with your
shallowness and inability to read.

Again, you seem bent on trying to prove your point based on little more than
insults. I'm certainly not lecturing anyone on using any one solution over
another, there's room (and need) for all of them. That you have tried to
turn it into some sort of flamefest is pathetic.