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Default AIS ship data: everibody have seen this? - why do we use GPS to track buoys??

Hows that chart in the fog?
"Bill Kearney" wrote in message
And let's hope they actually start discusssing the security risks
associated with this idea.

What security risks would that be?

Invalid data being improperly uploaded from an authorized source.

I sure hope not. Electronic devices fail and radio frequencies can be
jammed or interferred with.

Paper maps can be misprinted. They can get destroyed accidentally, and

can be moved by storms and collisions. A compass can be damaged and also
interfered with by magnetic sources on the ship or in the waters. They

are not 100% reliable.

And a chartplotter's electronics can die at hundreds of different points

failure. Even something as simple a blown backlight on the LCD can render
it useless. To say nothing of corrosion on any number of connectors. Or
just plain power failure. If the power goes out I can simply walk out in
the SUNLIGHT, read the paper chart and eye up the navigation markers.

The point is that none of them work well enough to be consider 'exclusive'
of the others.

Your fears come from your lack of understanding of
the basic principles of navigation.

And your naivete regarding possible interference with GPS is likewise
lacking in understanding.

Its clear that you are one of the old geezers who thinks its a sin to

anything but compass and paper map. You think this way because thats all


You're a fool if you think you know my level of experience. You're

to insult the intelligence of the group but all you're doing is painting
yourself the idiot.

While I agree that electronic charting is
*definitely* worth using it's not without issues.

Again, what issues would that be? Its interesting how vague your

gets when telling the world how much you hate electronic navigation. You
don't want to admit that the only problem is that you fear it because

don't understand it.

Again, see earlier fool comment. I understand electronic navigation quite
well, thank you and I like using it whenever possible. But it's

to think it's and end-all, beat-all solution for navigation.

And when it comes to safety I'm not sure I'd even bother
arguing for 'saving'. Penny-wise, pound-foolish, more or less.

You seem to be a rather slow individual.

And you're an arrogant ass, but I'm sure you've heard that before.

The idea that GPS navigation does
not require buoys in any way in the water or on a chart has completely
soared over your head. Your mind clearly has not come to grips with that
basic fact. Instead you spend this post arguing that buoys should stay

redundancy. This is a perfectly good reason to keep buoys in the water

has absolutely nothing to do with the point I was making. Considering

inability to think and process written material in this thread, I'm glad

won't be riding on any of your boats. It doesn't sound safe.

Wow, how stunningly immature. Instead of carrying out a rational
conversation all you can do it stoop to insulting anyone that contradicts
you? Wake us up when you grow up and learn how to converse.