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Default O.T. Fiberglass restoration

You're on the right track. Avoid stuff like poliglow, etc. They look
good at first, but man, when they turn yellow they are a BEAR to get
off and start over.

Compound with 3M's brown rubbing compound first. If you really want a
mirror finish, polish after that with 3M's Finesss-it clearcoat polish.
Then wax with Collinite fleetwax PASTE (not liquid). This is what I've
been doing for years with great success. Powerboat reports (an
independent magazine, like Consumer Reports) tests waxes occasionally,
and the Collinite always comes out way ahead of the rest. It's a hard
paste wax, and is a little hard to apply, but lasts a LONG time....
typically a year here in coastal TX.

Forget the marine stores for the 3M stuff.... I got mine for half their
price, delivered from:
The direct link to the Finesse-it is: