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Default Inverters DC to AC Battery help!

I've been running VIA system (CL10000,SP13000) for serval years. I've
been going with M1-ATX ,PW-200v,PW80 and now the M2-ATX. I use the power
to run the mainboard and also my LCD monitor and my LCD/TV. The monitor
and tv like only 12v. I power supply provide 12 with 10-24v input.

I'm now looking at Commell LV-675D Pentium M Mini-ITX. The Intel cpu
will be about 2.0 G.(Intel Pentium M760 2.0GHz Processor - 533MHz 2MB
Cache). I use only standard HD and DVD-r/w, not NOTEBOOK drive.


John Weston wrote:
Dennis Pogson, in article WJRYf.6695$8o.1068@newsfe6-, says...

There are probably cheap DC-DC converters which can't handle spikes, and
more expensive ones that can. The ones sold here in the UK for around 12
look altogether too simple to me. The one referenced by Hanz looks a
different matter altogether. I don't think the one bad experience I had is
sufficient to condemn all such devices, but a new system board these days is
as expensive as a new laptop, so my caution is understandable.

Running the laptop without the engine/alternator would probably be the
safest bet, but we all know crew members who will, as soon as the speed
drops below 2 knots, press the starter button!

Hanz's one is the one I have on my mini-ITX experimental rig:

It's a full power supply for a mini-ITX motherboard, rather
than a simple DC-DC converter for a laptop.

It handles the drop down to 6V whilst the starter runs (but
the house battery doesn't see this - now...). It also handles
up to 28V, clamping any excess. It shuts down everything after
a preset delay so you aren't left with the few milliamps of
drain with a standard inverter or converter.

Your comment about laptop repair is why I'm looking at the ITX
route to use more standardized components.