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Default In search of stainless antenna adapter-- 1"-14 female - 1" nipple

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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I'm looking
for stainless antenna adapter that would allow me to mount an antenna
that's normally designed to mount on a 1" stanchion but that I want to
mount onto a standard threaded antenna mount. In essence, this is a
1"-14 female to 1" nipple adapter.

I've seen lots of adapters that do the opposite-- allow you to mount a
threaded antenna onto a stanchion-- but none that go the other way.

OK, not stainless steel, but machined and anodized aluminum, by Morad. If I
understand correctly, what you are seeking is an adapter for something like
a Morad VHF-156HD antenna (which uses three set-screws to fasten on top of a
plain, 1" diameter tube) and that adapter is to then screw onto a common
1x14 male threaded common marine antenna mount. Their Seattle web site seems
to have been under construction for a painfully long time, but does have
contact information.
Old Chief Lynn