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Default GpsMap 276C Software 4.0 Released

Change History

Changes made from version 3.70 to 4.00:

Added Iceland time zone.
Added support for latest Garmin map technology.
Added ability to select units used for displaying vertical speed.
Added ability to quickly select entire track for use with TracBack.
Improved voice guidance for road routes.
Improved Compass page in Automotive mode.
Improved Sonar page.
Improved Find menu.
Improved map selection when changing usage modes.
Corrected issue that could prevent some message log filter settings
from being saved.
Corrected issue that could cause unit to shut down when using the
Highway page.
Corrected issue with waypoint timestamp updates when transferring from
Corrected display of 'L' symbol in Turn data field.
Corrected display of 'Route Truncated' and similar messages when using
Corrected display of cardinal direction on map page when measuring
Corrected duplicate waypoint creation with GPWPL NMEA sentence input.
Corrected hilight movement problem on proximity waypoint page.
Corrected invalid display of Next Turn data field.