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Default Bahamas/Abacos Cruising Information

West end is where you want to be but DO NOT show up until about 9 am or
you will be charged overtime. You are in international waters 3 miles
off any island. Don't let them intimidate you.

There is a great reef off man=o=war and guana cay's. Nassau has some
forts. Walk over to the queen’s staircase and go up the water tower
next to the old fort. You might want to check out the aquarium on
paradise too.
I prefer to leave Miami and check in at Bimini. Gun cay use to be a
nice stop but the beach is not 2 feet of water. If you go to Bimini
first and then across to west end it is a pretty long day but there is
some good fish along the ridge to Isaac. Either way, if you go onto the
banks anywhere in the abacos this time of year, be sure to check the
tides. You can get minus tides that will drop the control down to 5
feet. It’s a soft stop but you might not like the feeling of being
stuck so far from everything. The good news is that you won’t be the
first person to get stuck there☺