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Matt Colie
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Default Marinco 15 Amp "Marine Grade" 120VAC Receptical v. Leviton "terrestrialgrade"

Most of the duplex 5-15(120vw/gnd) available are brass internal.
The big difference you will run into between 0.39 and 7.00 is the connections.
All the good stuff will have binder plates under the screws so that they can
handle stranded wire. Be sure you get this feature.
I like your plan.
Matt Colie

Bob wrote:

Hi All:

With my bilge system complete I have turned to gutting my 120 VAC shore
power system.

I went to West Marine 2006 catalogue, page 546, item C, Marinco 120 VAC
15 Amp Receptacle. Cost: $32.99 each plus shipping.

So I thought that must be an excellent "marine grade" outlet. Next, I
went to the Marinco website and checked the specs. Wow, solid brass
terminals and zinc plated steel strap. That certainly is the way to go
on a boat. And besides my 120 AC shore power outlet is actually located
"below the water line." I need ten 15 Amp outlets. That should be
about $329.90 plus 10-13 bucks in shipping. Considering that nothing is
more important than the safety of my family and passengers, I better go
with the marine designed outlet.

So I though are there any other 15 amp receptacles that might be
comparable to a "Marine Grade" Marinco outlet from West Marine?

Try this:

Leviton 120 VAC, 15 Amp (#8200-Ivory)
Hospital Grade Receptacle
All metal is solid brass with nickel plate. (Interesting, the Marinco
didn't have nickel plate. Just bare brass.)
Nylon face

Total price when quoted from Platt Electric, a PNW commercial
electrical supply......
$7.00 each. Oh, and they deliver for free!

Lets see........$70.00 total compared to $340.00 plus.

What do you think? Do I dare use a non marine grade electrical outlet
for under the water line applications just to save a few cents? Naa.
Better not risk it.