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Default Nanni Diesel Engine Problems

Just found out today that the bore was scored and could not be
adequately rubbed back and because the block does not have a wet
sleeve, that the engine is pretty much useless. The cost to re bore the
piston and rebuild the head would probably cost more than a new engine.
The mechanic is getting quotes for me now on both a long and short
block, depending on whether we use some of the old parts like turbo,
etc from the current engine. He also said that because the engine is
pretty new that there would be no market for the engine to be sold to a
re conditioner of engines as there would be little demand for such an
engine for quite some time. The head around the valve seat was chewed a
little, but even if it can be repaired, (and the mechanic is not sure
it can be) it seems that the cost of checking out the other valves, the
injectors, the bore and so on would almost warrant a new engine. I hope
you are wrong about Nanni, or their Australian distributors, because I
have the most expensive row boat in Australia at the moment. Thanks for
your comments.