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Default Why do people buy cruising catamarans ?

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"Capt. JG" wrote:

I'm also considering getting a catamaran but they're difficult
to find in California.

Huh? Why's that?

I can only think of a few reasons why cruising cats are not popular
around here.

1. Most people on the East Coast buy cruising cats for cruising to
the Caribbean. Californians don't have a lot of islands within
a short cruising distance so a shallow draft isn't important.
Local beaches are usually crowded with surfers and swimmers.

2. Most cruising cats are built in France and the shortest route
to California is through Panama Canal whereas most monohulls
can be transported here by trucks from the East Coast.

The closest Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot dealer is in Seattle !

Not sure where is "here," but in the SF bay you will find an increasing
number of multis on the bay. I'm not a huge fan of the Fountaine line, but
that's another thread.

You're in So. Cal. I take it? Seems like that would be a great place for
multihulls, and I know I've seen a bunch when sailing out of Long Beach and
Dana Point.

"j" ganz @@