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Default Why do people buy cruising catamarans ?

DSK wrote:
Jeff wrote:

Since it appears to be "common knowledge" that cruising cats capsize
frequently, perhaps you can give us a few examples.

The truth is, it is a very uncommon event.

About as uncommon as monohulls rolling & sinking?

I've often wondered about this - some writers simply hand wave that the
chances are roughly equal. My vote would be for avoiding the situation.

However, you have to add to the monohull side of the ledger the number
of sinkings from other causes.


I might guess that more cruising fatalities are from falling overboard
than from sinking or capsizing. This would imply that the more stable
platform is safer.

Good point, I wonder how the man overboard statistics compare between
mono- & multi-hulls.

I know of one well publicized case of a racer falling through the