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Default True "true wind" & the Raymarine ST60, or other


On the Beneteau site we had a discussion about the ST60, true wind, and
why it might be reasonable to approach Raymarine to get a true wind
even though they are a mid--range product.

Some excerpts:

"Ok Raymarine don't as yet provide this feature today on the ST60
system but for sure soon they probably will as they add more and more
knobs bells and whistles to the mid range ST60 system." - I agree,
kind of looking to speed this process up.

"Of course the ST60 pretends to calculate TWA and TWS but the results
are unreliable total lies most of the time and totally flawed. " -
Ain't this the truth

"TWA and TWS are calculated parameters based on removing the velocity
of the vessel thru the water " - Yes, got to get rid of the vessel
thru water component.

"I've been following this thread as a lurker for a while and am
amazed at the level of invective this seemingly academic issue can
raise. Everyone is right of course. We all have to trim our sails to
apparent wind, there can be no doubt about that. But we all need to
know true wind, and I don't see how anyone can question that either."
- Right on Ted

"Even on short sails I determine when and where to tack based on
where I expect the wind to be, and I predict the apparent wind on the
next tack by knowing the true wind and my anticipated course. If I
don't have an estimated true wind, I have no idea what will happen when

I turn 90 degrees. And I suspect those who don't think they use true
wind do a rough estimate of it in their heads, consciously or
unconsciously. " - Yes, yes, and written very clearly and with

"As a matter of terminology I have never heard anyone use True Wind
Speed to be in reference to the moving water, as opposed to a fixed
geographic point. While it is true that in a zero wind and a current
there will be a wind past the boat, I think that is apparent wind, not
true. I don't think that the fact that the wind and water are fluid
media moving in different directions makes the wind relative to the
water a true wind. I always assumed (and I refuse to do research to
back this up) that true wind is the wind that exists at a point if the
boat wasn't there. you need a new, even more confusing acronym for
that, such as WRTW (wind relevant to water)." -- Yes, right on, WRTW
(wind relevant to water) is a great description of the results the ST60

provides, Raymarine should advertise it that way, not as true wind ...
and anyone who navigates with WRTW should be consider NWORTL
(navigating with out regard to land)

"Still leaves room for B&G,
Ockam, and other high-end systems to differentiate with their
refinements (e.g. correction via rate sensors, leeway, heeling angle,
etc.) that can take the last 10 degrees of inaccuracy out of things."

Perhaps someone on this site can offer a contact name or email address
of someone inside Raymarine you
were impressed with, etc?

Thank you,