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Default True "true wind" & the Raymarine ST60, or other

The Raymarine ST60 wind instrument uses the masthead windvane and
anamometer for apparent wind. It uses the SOW from the Tridata paddle
wheel and the COG from the autopilot to compute true wind.
No gps input needed.

b393capt wrote:
I am just about to buy a bunch of Raymaine instruments for my new B
393, and just found out that the ST60 is limited to using SOW, and
won't use GPS SOG & COG, to calculate true wind.

After looking thru this forum, I see some references to this issue, but
don't see either
(1) A way to get true wind on any of the Raymarine instruments, does it
work on the Tri data ??

(2) Another vendor who does not have this limitation mentioned.

Can anyone help me ?