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Default On serious bilge pumping........

You are right Roger, I was thinking of another place and yes, I have
looked at a chart. Do it all the time. Actually love charting. When I
bought my first GPS I would not let myself use it until I took a course
related to reading charts. (Paper charts, that is). I think that maybe
you missed my point. I am sure that you have been cruising at some
point in your life, where you were leaving one harbor and entering
another and the "red on right" changed to "green on right" becuase you
were changing from "leaving" to "returning". If that make sense. and I
am sure that some times a bouy or nav aid does not make sense to you
right away. My point is that it is not a perfect system and will keep
improving. I am sure that you have been to places where one time the
markers were one way, and then they changed them and maybe years later
they changed them again
anyway safe cruising to us all.
my boat goes out of the water tomorrow for the season. we had to cut it
a little shorter this year. we usally go from April to Dec or Jan. Not
to bad for a pleasure boat from chilly Boston.